We are confident that our  product does what we have said it does and so we offer a try before you buy for qualifying clients.  

Under a confidentiality agreement, we take 2 or 3 months of your company’s recent VAT transaction data and demonstrate to you, real time the full functionality and capabilities of VATSolve.  


Clients will see:


  •     Speed at which data can be imported, integrated, analysed and reports produced
  •     Depth and breadth of data visibility and transparency
  •     Level of control and governance embedded
  •     Benefits to the business included productivity (automation eliminating manual processes), cash flow optimisation (real monetary value savings), compliance (IT14SD    requirements satisfied) and VAT201s populated automatically


This concept of ‘try before you buy’ is what technology people call a proof of concept. The proof of concept is offered to clients following an initial discussion with VATSolve and demonstration of positive intent.