VATSolve provides a payment system based on usage on a monthly basis.  The payment is calculated based on the modules utilized as well as number of team members and VAT registration number (conglomerates may have separate VAT registered companies). 

The four VATSolve modules include: standard, consolidation, cash-flow and PLUS.   Whilst each module can be purchased individually there are economies to be realised when either two or the full functionalities of VATSolve are to be utilized. 

Once off installation fees are applicable and this fee includes on-site training and two month’s on-site support and assistance. 

Ongoing support can be purchased on an hourly or monthly basis.

All product upgrades and enhancements to current features are included in license  fees and are free of charge. 

VATSolve’s system provides measurable benefits to an organisation that can be calculated as financial, productivity and efficiency gains.  

On average the investment in the VATSolve product is returned within four VAT accounting periods, with productivity gains (time and resources) felt immediately and efficiencies (accuracy, compliance, transparency, security) also impacting during the first reporting period. 


Please contact Clive Rieker on or +27 82-306-3408 to find out more about our pricing schedule.