Access, editing and viewing rights of users are set up according to internal governance and standards of the company.  All access, editing and viewing is tracked, documented and stored for reference and viewing for internal and external auditing and verification purposes.   

Compliance and risk

All current and historical  transaction data records and reports are accessible at all times.  This enables quick access and viewing of any current or previous periods, making auditing and compliance processes quick and transparent.  Any changes made to data or records are tracked and easily highlighted during forensic audits 

Auditability functionality

Multilevel views of a transaction are viewable.  Transactions can be accessed and viewed in predefined pivot tables from a number of perspectives including: 

  • VAT code
  • Company or consolidated
  • Period 
  • General Ledger code
  • Vendor
  • Currency or country
  • Customer
  • Date – posting or document date

All reports are fully accessible 24/7 by authorized employees and external auditing partners via secure log-on and password credentials.