VATSolve’s software is fully compatible with all major financial accounting tools and programs ensuring ease of integration with an organisation’s ICT ecosystem and the directing importing of VAT relevant data.  The software  can be installed within a few hours and without business disruption or downtime.  

VATSolve’s program has its own user-friendly simple set-up program which is run on the local workstation.  Workstations are configured to connect to the shared database with security access controlled by user-ID and password.  All transaction inputs and changes as well as access to the program are tracked and stored ensuring complete auditability and tracking of data integrity. 

A standard SQL service connection driver is built into Windows and is the access control to the database.   The data import process is dynamic enabling different import file formats to be readable and manipulable.  Further manipulation is possible by exporting to Excel.  

The IT department will want to know that:

  • SQL Server Standard 2005 Standard or higher or SQL Express 2008 (SQL Express edition is recommended for single workstation installs) is required
  • A database user ID and password will be required on the SQL instance
  • Each user will have to be granted ‘DBO’ rights to each company database created